What You Need to Know About Blood of Zeus Season 2

Blood of Zeus, formerly known as Gods & Heroes, is an American adult animated fantasy action streaming television series created and written by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides for Netflix.

It is distributed by Netflix. The production company is Powerhouse Animation Studios, Asia Minor Pictures.

The Anime Blood of Zeus is Based on?

The series explores Heron, a part of the people that live on the outskirts of Greece. His father, Zeus, the almighty god, discovered that he was a powerful weapon against the armies of demons. Heron, who discovered that his father was Zeus, is the only hope for humanity to survive the struggle against the demons, so he leads the dark motivations to release the young crew, offering safety, to the mortal people.

Blood of Zeus Season 2 Release Date
Blood of Zeus Season 2 Release Date


The expected good news finally came. Netflix announced today that it has officially renewed the series for a second season. Netflix teased it yesterday. However, the video was not released yet.

Blood of Zeus Season 2 Release Date
Blood of Zeus Season 2

When Will Blood of Zeus Season 2 Be Released?

Although we have been requested to continue with the telecast process, we request that production details for the second season of”Blood of Zeus” be kept confidential, as it has not been possible to promote its seasonal renewal. While we are still working out arrangements for its production, we wish to conclude the negotiations of its broadcast with unscripted content before any promotional processes can be begun. We apologize for any inconvenience experienced by our customers.

Rephrase Studio Powerhouse has appeared around Netflix in many anime. One of the most popular productions, Castlevania, has been viewed for four seasons and is very famous. It didn’t help that they already had great new projects coming up with Netflix that they were paid for already. Classics like Rose of Versailles, Etracy, and Eastern Promises were commissioned by Netflix. They also ordered more episodes for the Masters of the Universe series. Football, Sailor Moon Crystal, and original SpongeBob SquarePants animated content are now happening.

Where to Watch Blood of Zeus

What is the Synopsis of Blood of Zeus Season 2?

Season 1’s intense finale left us pondering about what’s likely to happen in season 2.

There’s a question regarding Seraphim’s fate after Hades requires him to kneel to him to avoid his horrible fate of living in the Underworld. With Seraphim left with no choice but to serve the dangerous and ambitious Hades, Heron and the other Gods of Olympus are indeed in trouble.

Seraphim however will find a way to come out of his grasp under Hade’s blindnesses.

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Rephrase Another major issue that plays a role in the narrative of Greek mythology is what the Gods of Olympus do following the death of Zeus, as he sacrificed himself to save his wife Hera from the giant who wanted to give the two of them a fixed place in heaven.

The succeeding episodes show that Heron will strengthen his power and become a powerful leader as he defeated his elder brother who was Hera’s son. Heron used the same mantle as Zeus to win the battle, indicating that he is likely to follow the same path as his father, proving Hades’ loyalty to her son.-If Hades remains faithful to Heron, he will be one of the most powerful loyal men in Canaan. Heron should choose between Zechariah and his dad.

Blood of Zeus Season 2 Release Date
Blood of Zeus Season 2 Release Date

As she is yet to be seen, it is still uncertain whether Hera will be welcomed back to Mount Olympus. It has been assumed that Malia will help her and welcome her back, however, there is yet to be an official statement.

And what will she feel about Heron, Zeus’ bastard son? Will you learn to accept him?

Season 2 will surely be exciting

Characters & Voice Actors of Blood of Zeus

Here is a list of the potential cast list for season 2.

  • Derek Phillips as Heron
  • Jason O’Mara as Zeus/Elias
  • Claudia Christian as Hera
  • Elias Toufexis as Seraphim
  • Mamie Gummer as Electra, Heron’s mother
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Evios, Poseidon
  • Jessica Henwick as Alexia
  • Melina Kanakaredes as Ariana
  • Matthew Mercer as Hermes, Alexia’s Father
  • Adetokumboh M’Cormack as Kofi
  • Adam Croasdell as Apollo, Hephaestus
  • Danny Jacobs as King Periander, King Acrisius
  • Matt Lowe as Ares
  • Jennifer Hale as Artemis, Clotho
  • Fred Tatasciore as Hades
  • David Shaughnessy as Chiron, Dionysus

Is There a Released Trailer for Season 2?

While the announcement about further season 2 is pending, here’s the official Blood of Zeus season 1 trailer. You may watch the complete episodes of Blood of Zeus on Netflix.


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