Death Note Filler List Guide 2023

We have compiled an exhaustive Death Note Filler List Guide to help you follow the series more easily. This resource includes all of the latest episode spoilers and details on what to expect in each installment.

A Japanese anime TV show that ran from October 2006 to June 2007 was highly anticipated by fans of the Death Note franchise. It was widely considered a filler episode, and many people felt disappointed with its lack of originality.

Death Note is an anime adaptation of the manga written by Tsugumi Ohba. It’s a compilation of scenes and events from the original Death Note anime, developed by Madhouse and overseen by Tetsuro Araki.


The story of “Death Note” revolves around Light Yagami, a 17-year-old boy known as Kira. In total, 37 episodes were produced and released to the public.

Death Note is an anime series that aired from 2006 to 2007. The story begins with a 17-year-old Japanese genius named Light Yagami.

Light Yagami is a name that rings familiarity to many readers. He’s bored with his everyday life and the state of the world as he knows it, so when he finds an old dark book entitled “Death Note,” Light decides this could be his ticket out.

After reading the first few sentences, he is surprised by how much information is contained within. He quickly determines that anything written in the book’s title will likely be fatal. This natural process of light eliminates whatever was once considered important and humorous.

Light’s human curiosity quickly turns into ambition, and he sets out to change the universe for the better. Now with newfound power at his disposal, Light is looking for ways to remake the world in his own image.

Death Note Filler List Guide
Death Note Filler List Guide

Light Yagami, a high school senior, discovers The Death Note when he is bored and looking for something to do. Initially thinking of it as just another silly toy, Light starts using the Death Note to kill people because he gets tired of dealing with the world.

Upon learning that the argument made in the ebook is true, light quickly deduces that an individual must be thought of in order to kill them. Accordingly, forty seconds later a coronary heart assault takes place victimizing this person.

At first, the protagonist uses the ebook to remove criminals from society. However, he later realizes that intelligence agencies like the FBI are also searching for him and utilize it in opposition to them instead.

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The Death Note anime collection has become highly acclaimed and beloved by many. This series is definitely one of the most exciting and thrilling ones out there, isn’t it? Keep studying our Death Note Filler List Guide articles to gain access to even more great anime titles!

Death Note: Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Rebirth Mixed Canon/Filler 2006-10-03
2 Confrontation Manga Canon 2006-10-10
3 Dealings Manga Canon 2006-10-17
4 Pursuit Manga Canon 2006-10-24
5 Tactics Manga Canon 2006-10-31
6 Unraveling Manga Canon 2006-11-07
7 Overcast Manga Canon 2006-11-14
8 Glare Manga Canon 2006-11-21
9 Encounter Manga Canon 2006-11-28
10 Doubt Manga Canon 2006-12-05
11 Assault Manga Canon 2006-12-12
12 Love Manga Canon 2006-12-26
13 Confession Manga Canon 2007-01-09
14 Friend Manga Canon 2007-01-16
15 Wager Manga Canon 2007-01-23
16 Decision Manga Canon 2007-01-30
17 Execution Manga Canon 2007-02-06
18 Ally Manga Canon 2007-02-13
19 Matsuda Manga Canon 2007-02-20
20 Makeshift Manga Canon 2007-02-27
21 Performance Manga Canon 2007-03-06
22 Guidance Manga Canon 2007-03-13
23 Frenzy Manga Canon 2007-03-20
24 Revival Manga Canon 2007-03-27
25 Silence Mixed Canon/Filler 2007-04-03
26 Renewal Mixed Canon/Filler 2007-04-10
27 Abduction Manga Canon 2007-04-17
28 Impatience Manga Canon 2007-04-24
29 Father Manga Canon 2007-05-01
30 Justice Manga Canon 2007-05-08
31 Transfer Manga Canon 2007-05-15
32 Selection Manga Canon 2007-05-22
33 Scorn Manga Canon 2007-05-29
34 Vigilance Manga Canon 2007-06-05
35 Malice Manga Canon 2008-06-12
36 1.28 Manga Canon 2007-06-19
37 New World Mixed Canon/Filler 2007-06-26

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