What You Need to Know Hinamatsuri Season 2

Hinamatsuri is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masao Ōtake.

Distributed by AT-X, Crunchyroll, FUNimation Entertainment, KSM, Koch Films, and Netflix.

The production company is Feel.

The Anime Hinamatsuri is Based on? (Spoiler Warning)

One evening, while sitting in his apartment on the top floors of a skyscraper, yakuza member Nitta Yoshifumi noticed a metal box fall from the sky. Inside this box was a human face that he tried to ignore but couldn’t. The next morning, when Nitta opened the metal box and found an 11-12-year old girl named Hina inside it, he had no choice but to take her with him. Although Hina’s telekinetic powers help Nitta out with his criminal activities as part of the yakuza clan, caring for her becomes excruciatingly difficult for Nitta.

Hina’s experiences in the new world will lead to chaos as her friends from the old world and those who follow her into this alternate reality get entangled.

Hinamatsuri Season 2 Release Date
Hinamatsuri Season 2 Release Date

When Will Hinamatsuri Season 2 Be Released?

There has been no confirmation yet of the return of the anime series. As such, it is hard to predict an official release date. If production on Season 2 begins by the end of this year, it might be released within a few months afterward. After two years or so, fans can expect Hinamatsuri Season 2 to come out in 2023.

Where to Watch Hinamatsuri Season 2

Is It Ever Hinamatsuri Season 2 Coming Back?

The first season of Hinamatsuri was very successful. It received positive reviews from both critics and viewers alike, as well as international acclaim. The show also had a high score on MyAnimeLise – ranking eighth out of all anime shows released in 2018. Therefore, it is likely that the studio will want to continue producing the series despite its success. Feel Studio made a lot of money from this debut season cancelling it would be a wasted opportunity for them.

What is the Synopsis of Hinamatsuri Season 2?

While reveling in the successful clinching of a prized vase for his collection, Yoshifumi Nitta, a yakuza member, is rudely interrupted when a large, peculiar capsule suddenly materializes and falls on his head. He opens the capsule to reveal a young, blue-haired girl, who doesn’t divulge anything about herself but her name—Hina—and the fact that she possesses immense powers. As if things couldn’t get any worse, she loses control and unleashes an explosion if her powers remain unused. Faced with no other choice, Nitta finds himself becoming her caregiver.

To let her use her powers freely, Nitta asks Hina to help out with a construction deal, which goes smoothly. But while this is happening, a rival yakuza group covertly attacks his boss. To Nitta’s shock, his colleagues later pin the blame on him! Tasked with attacking the rival group in retaliation, Nitta steels himself and arrives at their hideout. But suddenly, Hina unexpectedly steps in and helps him wipe out the entire group. As it turns out, Hina might just become a valuable asset to Nitta and his yakuza business provided she does not use her powers on him first! And so the strange life of this unusual duo begins. (Source: MyAnimeList)

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Characters & Voice Actors of Hinamatsuri

Here is a list of the potential cast list for Hinamatsuri Season 2.

Character Cast
Hina Tanaka Takako
Nitta Yoshifumi Nakajima Yoshiki
Anzu Murakawa Rie
Mishima Hitomi Hondo Kaede
Baba Kiyoshi Koyama Tsuyoshi
Mao Ozawa Ari
Sakura Utako Hikasa Youko
Sabu Kawanishi Kengo

The Popularity of the Anime

The anime warren is ranked #402 on Myanimelist’s popularity rankings. compared to other popular animes, this anime has a high rating. It has an average search volume on Google and about 15.5k followers on Twitter. As fans, we encourage you to recommend Hinamatsuri to your loved ones to get more fans.

Hinamatsuri Season 2
Hinamatsuri Season 2

Will There Be a Hinamatsuri Season 2?

As of January 2023, there is no news confirming the production or potential sequel to Hinamatsuri. Several related producing organizations have not responded to inquiries about the project, leaving studio officials feeling uncertain as to its future. In light of this situation, Hinamatsuri aired its final episode in 2018 without any indication that a second season may follow.

Will There Be a Hinamatsuri Season 3?

While it is too early to discuss a potential third season of Hinamatsuri, there are several promising indications that the series might continue even after its second installment.

Is There a Released Trailer for Hinamatsuri Season 2?

There is currently no trailer available to view for the second season of “Hinamatsuri,” as its renewal has only recently been confirmed. If a new trailer becomes available, it will be posted here. View the first season’s trailer here.


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